The Restock Just Landed!

How It Works

1. Pour

Wet your hair thoroughly. Pour a desired amount of powder into one wet hand from the Wonder Bottle. Much easier than getting the goop out of a big shampoo bottle!

2. Activate

This is where the magic happens...rub both wet hands together for about 10 seconds and powder will activate into thick and luxurious lather. (Make sure your second hand is really wet.)

3. Wash

Wash your hair like you would with regular shampoo. No, you are not in a spa. That is our amazing scent. Follow up with our salon performance conditioner (coming this Fall).

4. Refill

When you are running low, just refill your Wonder Bottle with our Refill Pouch (coming this Fall). Don't forget to put the empty pouch in your backyard compost or throw it in your paper recycling.