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Revolutionize your routine with ingredients activated

fresh for max efficacy. It’s magic, backed by science.

Signature Sets

Perfectly complimentary shampoo & conditioner formulations for your healthiest, most beautiful hair.

Signature Shampoo

Our Signature Shampoo formulation for
your softest, shiniest hair. Beautify
yourself, your bath and the planet.

Signature Conditioner

Our Signature Conditioner moisturizes,
nourishes and heals your hair like nothing
else, for unimaginable softness and texture.


Coming Soon, Our Signature Body Wash
leaves your skin soft, moisturized
and nourished. No damaging fillers.
  • Magical Experience

    The powder activates and lathers fast. The transformation feels like magic!
  • Signature Body Wash

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    Coming soon

Our Money Back Promise

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Small Wonder after trying it for 30 days you can return it at no cost. We’re confident you’ll love Small Wonder.