Our Core Belief

You truly can have it all

Just the best, nothing else.

Every decision, every detail. We formulate with only the most premium professional grade ingredients, no fillers. We design our vessels to accentuate your bath, dispense seamlessly, and all with no waste. We ship and refill in the tiniest, most beautiful and functional packaging, always fully recyclable and compostable.

Above all, we create and bring you the very best, efficacious products for your hair and body.

At Small Wonder we truly believe the future is simultaneously luxurious, clean and sustainable.The future of beauty is uncompromising, just like us.

Our Story

Coming Clean

The shower is where some of the best ideas happen — it’s where Small Wonder was born. And we all agree that showering should be one of the best parts of the day. It’s a spa day at home — warm, fragrant, soothing. It’s the ideal place to let your mind wander, belt out your favorite tune, unwind & get wildly inspired. Imaginations soar in the shower. 

Yet the haircare experience has not been reimagined in decades. The reality is that we’re stuck with the same-old beauty products, lids that play hard to get, pumps that take a dive, plastic bottles that just won’t quit, cluttered shelves that cause chaos, and the absolute madness of shipping around heavy (diluted) bottles filled with mostly water. 

We decided it was time to shake things up.

Why dilute the good stuff? We rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty, and decided it was high time to clean up this out-dated shower routine. With the know-how, grit and countless test showers, we crafted something refreshingly new. 

Small Wonder. Just the best. Nothing else. 

The Alchemy

The Alchemy

If only it was that easy. Years of meticulous research, endless prototyping, and partnering with industry experts - formulators, powder aficionados, you name it! Before we made a splash, we had to create a salon-grade powder product from scratch and engineer a bottle that dances with the powder but keeps water and humidity at bay. We clearly love a good challenge.

The philosophy was simple (the journey, less so):

All you need, nothing you don't. Just add water. And activate.

We turned over every stone - trust us. If there’s a product form that trims waste, we gave it a whirl. After a relentless pursuit, we arrived here: a stunning salon powder that rivals or surpasses traditional haircare and beauty solutions, is a breeze to use, and sidesteps all historic waste…It’s a pint-sized solution to a colossal problem, and that is monumental.

And guess what? We are just getting started. We’re diving deeper into the magic-making business, conjuring up new products and refining the old ones to elevate your bath and shower experience.

Our Team

With 60 years+ of experience, we come to you with a team that builds with love and a bit of wonder. We saw the opportunity to create something sustainable and luxe, without sacrificing on the efficacy and quality of the beauty products we love. Our shared passion for the planet and our careers in retail innovation, cosmetic chemistry and branding led us to build Small Wonder.

Small Wonder

Our Mission &

A Small Footprint, Leaves a Beautiful Impact
  • Our Mission:

    Forging the future of beauty: Elevating skin and hair with uncompromising formulations, rich in goodness, and devoid of everything else - an impactful force that protects the planet without compromising on performance and luxury.

  • Our Vision:

    Championing a generation of impeccably radiant beauty, where waste is non-existent and excellence is the only residue.

  • Our Commitment:

    Crafting Beauty, Creating Change: The Small Wonder Manifesto:

    We started this company to reduce waste, and today our commitment has not wavered. We have designed Small Wonder to reduce its carbon footprint from beginning to end, and we are the only company to do this without compromise.

Next Generation Sustainability

In the future, it’ll all seem so obvious


Did you know that most of your shower products are 80% water?

In addition to diluting those effective active ingredients, they are also shipping heavy plastic bottles that are only used for a short period of time. Small Wonder’s tiny Wonder Bottle replaces those outdated, heavy plastic bottles. Our innovative waterless formula requires less packaging and has a lower carbon impact; say goodbye to literally tons of unnecessarily shipped water & wasteful single use plastics.


Buy once, refill forever.

The patented Wonder Bottle proudly stands as a permanent fixture in your shower - it’s beautiful, functional and forever, a stunning addition to your bath. And it’s effortlessly replenished with our easy-to-store, lightweight Refill Tubes.

The more you refill, the more waste you save -a commitment to sustainability that pays off every time you restock. And those beautiful Refill Tubes are easy to recycle (or compost in your backyard!).


.. or compost. You choose how your packaging avoids the landfill.

Our boxes and refill tubes are always entirely recyclable and compostable. Made with recycled material and printed with cutting-edge Algae Ink, you effortlessly have a positive impact. Did you know Algae Ink pulls methane from the air mimicking the effect of planting 4 trees with every bucket used?

Your Wonder Bottle is designed to be used and reused forever. But if you don’t, please remember to unscrew the bottle top and recycle it with your aluminum waste. The bottom cap can be recycled with your plastic waste.

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