The Restock Just Landed!



This tiny bottle replaces your large, heavy bottle of hair care that is mostly filled with water. Small Wonder's products require less packaging and less carbon to ship thanks to our innovative waterless formula. Plus, our formulas use ingredients that use less water and less energy to produce such as our proprietary compound, SHINE37.


Buy once and refill forever. The Wonder Bottle can be proudly displayed in your shower for the long haul. Just keep refilling using our Refill Pouches which are easy to store and light to ship. And we pass those savings on to you as you purchase more and more Refill Pouches to fill up your Wonder Bottle.


Our packaging is recyclable or compostable. Our boxes are made from recycled material. And we even use new innovations like Algae Ink which actually reduces methane from the atmosphere (each bucket is the equivalent of planting 4 trees). Throw that Refill Pouch in your backyard compost once you have refilled and recycle the shipping box and shipping mailer.

How to Recycle

Recycling Bin

Place your Small Wonder shipping box in the blue recycling bin

Backyard Compost

Place your empty Refill Pouch into your backyard compost